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Introducing our new price comparison tool - check competing new, used, and rental textbook prices online to make sure you're getting the best price, whether it's from us, Amazon,, or a number of other online retailers. You'll be able to compare options on one page and order from any source directly.

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Choose term, department, course, and section and click the 'Compare Prices' button

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Prices on new and used textbooks from the Hawk Shop and other online retailers like Amazon,,, and more online retailers will be displayed.

Add the textbooks to your cart and click 'check out' in the top right hand corner.

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If you're purchasing from the Hawk Shop, you'll be taken to to check out. If you're purchasing from another retailer, you'll be taken to their website to complete the checkout process. textbook checkout

*Note: If you have anything in your cart from a non-Iowa Hawk Shop vendor, Iowa Hawk Shop will not be responsible for the item(s) purchased from that retailer, including customer service and returns or refunds. Please check to see that the materials are the correct edition, have all ancillary materials (CD's, lab books, etc.) included and you've validated the shipping date.

Why this benefits you

Lowest prices: Find the best textbook prices online
One stop shop: Our price comparison tool allows you to find the lowest prices without going from site to site.
Choices: Both new, used, and rental textbooks from multiple vendors let you know you've got the best choices in front of you. Don't forget to check our e-books for another cost effective option.

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