Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How late can I return textbooks?

Final Day to return textbooks:

  • Last Date to Return Textbooks for a Full Refund: February 9th
  • Last Date to Return Textbooks for a Full Refund with a Signed Drop Slip: March 2nd

Last Date to Return Rental Textbooks: Varies depending on length of rental term. Please refer to receipt for rental due date. Spring semester rental textbooks may be returned to the Iowa Hawk Shop location in the Old Capitol Town Centre until May 17. After that date, rental textbooks must be sent directly back to Bookrenter.com-return shipping is free, and shipping materials can be provided by the Iowa Hawk Shop free of charge.

Q. Do I need to have an account to order textbooks online?

A: No, you may order as a guest but creating an account will keep your information stored in our servers so you can get through your next order quicker. Having an account also allows you to check the status of your order.

Q. Why hasn't my order been processed?

A: The majority of textbooks aren't available until a few weeks before the semester begins so we hold and process textbook orders until approximately two weeks before classes begin.

Q. Where can I pick up my books?

A. Orders that request pickup in the store can be obtained by going to the University Book Store in the Iowa Memorial Union.

Q. My course number is not listed in the search tool?

A. There might be a few reasons your course number is not showing up.

  • We have not yet received a textbook order from the professor of the class.
  • There are not course materials for the class.
  • The course materials are not yet available. Please check back as our inventory changes daily.

Q. My section number is AAA or BBB, what does this mean?

A. These generally represent lectures with a corresponding discussion and are treated as section numbers when searching for textbooks.

Q. Can I cancel my order or cancel individual titles from my order?

A. Yes, please let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing ubs-online@uiowa.edu. If the order is prepaid store pickup, we will credit your credit card if the order has been processed. If you choose the pay at pick up option, we will cancel/adjust your order. You can also remove books at the time of pick up, but please make sure the cashier is aware of the change. If the order has been shipped, please follow the instructions sent with the order.

Please note that we try to display only the type of book that is available (new or used) but due to constant changes to inventory, we do reserve the right to substitute new for used, and used for new, when the type of book you reserve is out of stock. This is to assure you have the necessary course materials when class begins.